Euphoria is more than just a phone system

No more contracts, no more complex setups, and no more telephone problems. This is the ethos of Euphoria Telecom, a company that has changed business telephony forever.

On the surface, Euphoria Telecom is a world-class cloud-based telephone and PBX service provider. Look a little deeper and one will discover that it is a lot more than just that.

The company offers a true cloud PBX platform with all the associated and expected flexibility and scalability. Customers only pay for what they need, they can pick and choose modules as they require them and this can be changed at any time as the business grows.

Euphoria CEO George Golding says cloud is 100 percent flexible. “You can have as many extensions as you need and change this whenever you want. This system results in a far more efficient use of your financial resources by being infinitely scalable and accommodating.”

Not only was the system designed and built locally, but the company has a good understanding of the local infrastructure challenges and understands the limitations of the local internet system and how to manage the business telephony environment.

“Our 30-day contract is proof that we are committed to ethical and efficient customer service. More importantly, our system is 100 percent transparent as reporting happens in real-time, so you will always know exactly how much, when and where you are spending money,” he explains.

The business telephone system is the lifeblood of any business, it has a significant influence on customer acquisition and retention. Organisations need to choose and invest in a professional, all-inclusive telephony system that can provide a reliable and high-tech communication infrastructure.

Furthermore, automation is the key to consistent and dependable customer service. As a business grows, one would need to increasingly rely on automation to offer the best possible customer service. This ensures successful and effortless first contact with the aim of connecting the caller to the best service consultant in the shortest amount of time.

Golding says Euphoria Telecom constantly invests in the development of its system to meet the needs of its more than 3000 customers. “You can rest assured that when you invest with us, you will get a professional and highly competent business telephony system that will improve your business efficiencies and elevate your operational structure.”

David Donde, founder of Truth Coffee Roasting in Cape Town comments: “Euphoria has brought us a few things, easy adaptability, we can add, remove and change our lines and extensions and savings; the control has saved us a fortune. Implementing it lowered our bill by 75% and it has stayed at that level in spite of the aggressive growth of our company!”

“Euphoria Telecom is a high-value, professional business with a dedicated management team who invests in technology and human resources with the goal to develop the best business telephony system on the continent. Partnering with us will be one of the best decisions you make for your call center, start-up or enterprise business,” Golding concludes.

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