New Vision Radio (NVR) is an online radio station accessible internationally, broadcasting from Lyndhurst, Johannesburg, in South Africa. NVR broadcasts 100% in English, emphasizing on both talk and music – the station’s musical play-listing focuses on accommodating all music genres in order to support all creative within their preferred and respective genres. NVR’s recipient is your modern day millennial and is not limited to them as the World Wide Web is accessible to all in our modern day society. The world is going digital.

We are an organization that has carefully defined and beautified its culture to fashion an environment that will answer the question: Where the heart is? New Vision Radio, in a nutshell is your digital home away from home.


Our organizational Culture Defined:

  • L – Love

  • P – Peace

  • S – Support

  • H – Harmony

  • T – Trust and

  • L – Loyalty



NVR’s mission is to create unforgettable opportunities to the creative sphere, presenting multifaceted platforms to showcase their talents, in terms of live radio broadcast, studio performances, interviews and voice-overs. By digitalizing the content and having it accessible by a touch of a button creates a window of opportunity for local and international exposure.

Our mission also extends a mutually beneficial relationship to current and potential brands that desire to merge forces in terms of creating excellent partnerships that can see all those involved prospering to grander heights.

We aim to offer our recipients’ quality online presence that will result in industries taking into consideration that digital divide should be phased-out. This will allow everyone access to enjoy online radio content equally, without being burdened by high data-tariffs that are currently preventing them to exercise their rights of choice when it comes to their preferred medium of communication.



Superior Quality in Broadcasting
Quality is the basis of New Vision Radio’s activities, and will not be compromised. Listeners, clients and guests should always be able to trust the superior quality and the friendliness of our on air personalities, expressly when it comes to our broadcast content.

All about Our Listeners
We are in the business of broadcasting because of our listeners, clients and guests. We are committed to establishing and maintaining profitable partnerships with our clients by providing high quality content, superior service and effective promotional support for their brands.

A Great Company of Great People
Our success lies in our company staying streamlined and efficient in everything that we do. The core to this is our team of highly talented and motivated staff – a team that doesn’t only comprise of on-air-personalities but faces that can take the brand and it’s vision of grooming upcoming artists to the next level that will be followed by the next level of brewing gems in their respective creative industries.

Quest for Brilliance
We are determined to be the best we can be, both as New Vision Radio (company) and as individuals. And will continually strive to seek improvement, unparalleled excellence in all our shows and new opportunities for business growth.


New Vision Radio

New Vision online Radio operates in Lyndhurst, a small town within Alexander in Gauteng Province in South Africa. The station broadcast online internationally and it’s 100% English.

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